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Business Cares Program

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A corporate sponsorship at Little Ray's allows your company to directly support whichever area of our operations align with your corporate giving priorities and achieve your marketing and community investment goals. Our Director of Development works with our partners to design a unique recognition package in order to maximize the value of your company’s support. From cash to donations of products and services, there is no limit to how your company can make a difference for wildlife.

Benefits of the Program


  • Prominent signage on the Business Cares sponsorship wall
  • Mention on our social media platforms
  • Mention in our newsletter

Specialty Access

  • One Adopt-a Day opportunity
  • 2 tickets to our Annual Signature Event
  • One raffle opportunity company give away for a VIP Sloth and Zoo encounter


  • Contributes to our ongoing educational programming
  • Supports our inclusivity programming


  • Directly feeds and houses our current rescued animals
  • Aids in local rescue operations
  • Helps support our conservation efforts locally and globally

Adopt a Day

The Adopt-a Day program will partner your business with charitable organizations that we support through our community outreach program. This team building day will allow your organization to align with helping sick children, underprivileged  youth and their families with specialized programs that grant accessibility to all.

As an Adopt-a-Day sponsor you will receive the opportunity to connect and support your charitable organization of choice. Your business will take part in the activities provided to the charities, while providing a unique team-building day for your company. Your sponsorship will be recognized on our social media platforms, through a  team photo and a  donor recognition plaque.

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room 5LRUg3IwNpI unsplash

The Opportunity

As part of our Adopt-a-Day Program you’ll be helping support responsible pet ownership through education, worldwide conservation efforts and animal rescue and care. With your assistance we will continue to provide a safe environment for seized and unwanted exotic animals as well as life altering opportunities for members of our community.

Benefits of participating in the Adopt-a-Day Program are:

  • Partnering with our charitable partners in a unique team-building day
  • Mention on our social media platforms and community newsletter
  • Adopt-a-Day customized t-shirts
  • Team photo and donor recognition plaque to commemorate your sponsorship
  • Mention in our Annual Report and our FARE website as a community partner