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Our Story

Little Ray’s Nature Centres was founded 25 years ago as a local, family-based, reptile rescue and educational outreach program. We have since become Canada’s largest exotic animal rescue. We currently have two centres open to the public in Ontario with a third being launched in New York State.

Our outreach programs reach on average 1-2 million Canadians each year (not including social media reach and marketing campaigns). Our programming includes a comprehensive set of curriculum-based workshops for schools, science exhibits for museums and pet therapy programs for seniors, special needs and long term care facilities. Our educational events, or Wildlife Festivals, operate in over 40 Canadian cities annually.

To date, Little Ray’s Nature Centres with the support of F.A.R.E. has saved, rehabilitated, cared for, rehomed or released over 7000 animals. Additionally, funds raised through F.A.R.E. provide conservation support work to several programs around the world focused on endangered species, breeding, and habitat protection - including species survival plans and educational programming to support responsible pet ownership and backyard conservation.

Our Accessibility Program offers once in a lifetime opportunities for special interest groups such as women’s shelters, individuals in hospice, individuals with special needs and many more..

The Covid-19 crisis has had a devastating impact on our organization. Little Ray’s Nature Centres has always been self funded, relying on our outreach programs and world class museum exhibits to cover the expenses of our rescue and conservation efforts. With our industry being shut down and unable to operate at full capacity, we realized the need to find ways to protect the animals in our care.

Our non-profit organization F.A.R.E was  created to provide a separate funding stream to ensure that no matter the state of the economy, we’d be able to provide food, housing and veterinary care to the hundreds of animals currently residing at Little Ray’s Nature Centres.

All funds raised through F.A.R.E. allow us to continue serving our communities in the placement of seized and unwanted exotic animals.